You’ve been bamboozled. You’ve been lied to. You’ve been kept in the dark.

Your invisible scripts

We’ve been conditioned to believe that money is bad and the rich are greedy. With thoughts like that, it’s no wonder many shy away from wanting to be wealthy and acquiring money. If you don’t believe you’ve been conditioned by society, finish these sentences:

Money is the root of…..
Money doesn’t…..
The rich are…..

Did you find that many of the words you used were negative and something you would never want to be? And that you may be coming from a scarcity mindset (there is not enough money) instead of an abundant (there is plenty of money and even more to go around for everyone) one? To be like the wealthy, it’s important to change the way you think and think like the wealthy do. It’s not what do you have to do to have the things you want to be happy; it’s the person you have to become in the process, to do the things you need to do, to have the things you want.

Let’s change some of these words. Finish the sentences with something different. For example….

Money is the root of creativity
Money doesn’t stay still
The rich are generous

And keep in mind that it’s the quality of the questions that will determine your answer.

What is Financial Education?

A financial education means handling, controlling, and managing your money. There are broke celebrities and much of that comes down to financial education. It’s mostly about what you do with money that you make and how you manage it. The modern day era relies on money as a medium of exchange. To obtain goods, services, and items you desire, you provide currency. There is more to making money than getting a job, but that’s all we’re told to do and what we’re taught in school. School does not teach you how to manage your finances nor does it provide you a financial education. School teaches you how to be an employee who is told what to do, when to do it, and when to have it done. You’re told never to be wrong and if you are, you are belittled and punished for your mistakes and failures.

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom is never having to work again because you have enough income coming in to pay all of your bills. Now, listen carefully: not that you can’t ever work again, but that you don’t have to, if you choose not to. That is the power of achieving financial freedom-being able to choose what you want and doing whatever you want.

Want to spend the day dirt biking? Or volunteering with a non-profit making a difference whose cause you want to champion? Maybe you want to read or play video games all day and or go on a trip with your whole family. Relax on the beach by the ocean, go for a swim, and take a nap in the sun.

By achieving financial freedom, you can do whatever you want and not worry about your monthly bills, because your money is working hard for you instead of you working hard for your money.

QuickStart Guide

Step 1:

Define your vision and figure out your why. Create a vision board of the lifestyle you want. Cut out pictures of that truck, the speedboat, the people you want to help, and your family and put in on a poster on your wall. Or write it out-whichever helps you visualize it best. Then figure out why you are doing this. Maybe it’s to prove naysayers wrong. Or is it to buy your mom that house she’s always wanted, but has never gotten? Maybe it’s spending more time with your siblings who live in another state whenever you want. Figure out your motivation and reason-it’s what will keep you going instead of giving up.

Step 2:

Enact the 7 jar system taught in the “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” book to begin managing your money and putting it to work.

Step 3:

Delve into the resources on this website to find out the various vehicles available to assist you on your journey.

Step 4:

Decide which avenue you wish to take.

Step 5:

Take Action-begin putting into practice what you learn. Make a covered call stock option trade using paper money. Buy silver coins after reading about commodities. Become educated on Real Estate Investing, play Cashflow 101attend a local property tour to meet your local community of investors, and get started on your first deal. Don’t spend the rest of your life trying to pay off debt-learn how to pay off your student debt, home mortgage, car loan, credit cards, or other loans in a shorter amount of time and what it means to invest in good debt.

Step 6:

Give back. If you found value in this website, all that we ask is that you share it with someone who you think could benefit from the resources available and is truly interested in learning more and changing their lives.


It does not take money to make money, it takes creativity to make money.


Hoodwinked is shining a light on the financial darkness to dispel the mystery and apprehension surrounding money by providing resources, websites, games, podcasts, videos, educational programs, and books that will help you improve your financial education and jump start your journey to financial freedom. We’ll only provide resources we find credible, useful, knowledgeable, and valuable. I know when I started, I wish I’d had a central place such as this to begin my journey. We’re aiming to help short-cut your path to financial freedom and passive income.

Have you ever felt like you’re missing something? Like even if you went to school, they didn’t really teach you about finances? The wealthy clearly do something different and it’s like they have a secret. What is it? They know things that school doesn’t teach you and institutions don’t know. There are many ways to make money besides being a traditional W-2 employee who trades time for money. If you’re interested in becoming your own boss, determining your own income, and having the freedom to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlike many of the gurus, we will never try to up-sell you on any product. We’re here to help you create monthly cash flow, save 2/3 in taxes for the rest of your life, begin paying your kids along with writing off prom dresses to diapers, access the capital that is yours (did you know you can use your IRA and 401(k) to invest in real estate?), and pay off your debt in a fraction of the time (many have paid off their 30 year mortgage in 5-7 years or less and saved thousands on interest) using velocity banking. If you want to start small with a book, by all means start there and work up. Or take the leap, jump start your success, go all in, get connected, and get started now.

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